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Thanks for visiting and looking over my body of wedding photography work.  My name is Jaypee Noche, and I am the founder  behind Jaypee Noche Photography.

I love traveling the world  and having adventurous explorations through new towns and through the forest.

We are professional, detail-oriented, well-planned, and FUN.  After all, this is more than a job for me and the team. This is truly what I love doing. It’s my passion.

I’m all about photographing adventurous couples in their natural element – in love.  The goofy, fun-loving, intimate portraits are my favorite.  It’s about being natural!  And don’t worry – I would say about 99% of my clients say they are “awkward” in front of the camera.  We have ways to get over that very quickly, and we treat every session as if we were close friends.

The one thing that I am all about more than anything – is authenticity. It’s what I strive to capture in every photograph, and who I try to be myself in everyday life.

Being behind the lens has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. Being creative, meeting great people, and traveling around the world while documenting everything to a still image is amazing. To pair that with the romance and emotion of a wedding is incredible.

Team consists of Paul, Yu, and Steve.