Will you travel to cover my wedding?

Love does not have geographical limit, and neither do I. I will travel anywhere in the world to document the story of your big day. Travel and accommodation can either be billed as a reimbursable expense or if you prefer expense can be paid by you directly.

How do we book you for our big day?

A signed booking form along with a retainer is required to officially reserved your date, and final payment will be on the wedding day. We understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming so we can arrange payment method the best suits you.

How long will it take to receive our edited wedding photos?

Typically 2-4 weeks after the wedding for softcopies.

What is your photography style?

My wedding photography style is a unique blend of documentary, candid, photojournalism and fine art. Weddings are incredibly complex events, rich with emotion. You have to be able to bend your style to meet the needs of the moment. I aim to tell the story of the day.

how much do it cost for destination wedding?

Every destination wedding is unique, it depends on where is the location. We usually get in to the place at least a day before the wedding and leave a day after. So at least we stayed 2 nights. Clients book our hotel and accommodation, or we can have it reimburse.

Can we get the raw files?

As much as we want to, we preserved the quality of the edits. We prefer to give the edited ones.

Why is a professional photographer so expensive?

There is much more to what I do as a wedding photographer than what you see on the day. A usual wedding will take anywhere from 30 to 40 hours of work on top of the actual day itself. As well as the hours of work there are equipment costs, marketing, vehicle, phone, internet, hard drives and advertising to factor into running a business. A professional wedding photographer doesn't just have a nice camera and a computer with photoshop.

Successful wedding photographers must be extremely good at many things at the same time. Most of them have nothing to do with photography.

We can't have a bad day. We must be on top of our game at each wedding we photograph. At any given moment of your wedding day, we must be unflappable, professional, creative, dedicated, sociable, friendly, intuitive, empathetic, sensitive and master of our equipment. We must be able to communicate and manage the expectations of everyone on your day, be they a guest or worker. We are with you longer than anyone on your wedding day. Confidence, charm and a sense of humour are other requirements.

We are your timekeeper. We help keep you on track. As your wedding day unfolds, you will come to understand how the experience we brought to the day was worth every peso. This, in addition to gorgeous images that capture the love, fun and emotion of your day is what you are paying for. Equipment of course is a major expense and buying new gear each year is not uncommon. New gear is not to brag about, but to consistently deliver better quality images.